Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pizza Dough Making and more 6/21/10

On Monday at SLU we had a busy day doing lots of different things. We made the pizza dough for our recipe testing day on Friday, cleaned the kitchen with the powerwasher, and finished cyrovacing our blueberries. We needed up with a grand total of 105 pounds of blueberries. Great job guys! :) Making the pizza dough was pretty simple there were three recipes using the same ingredients, but different amounts. One recipe used sugar the other didn't, and one used whole wheat flour, but at the end of the day our dough didn't rise long enough. So back to the drawing board. Maybe we will have better luck tomorrow when we remake the dough. Everything wasn't all fun and games though, we had to do some dirty work. I didn't get to do the powerwasher, my coworker Anthony told me it was alot of water but it was pretty fun. With the cryovac, we weigh everything by the pound, so with our blueberries we put 5 pounds in each bag. Once the blueberries are in the bag they're put into the machine flat the air is vaccumed out and the bag is sealed. After all the blueberries were sealed, we labeled each bag and put the blueberries in a crate to go in the freezer. We will use these blueberries for cobblers and a blueberry sauce for our MRH menus this coming year.

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