Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Flamm Orchard Apples and Applesauce

Oh Apples, the joy of fall harvest. We just received 720 pounds red delicious from Flamm Orchards in Cobden, Illinois ( Only 15o miles away!! Way better than the 2000 miles it takes for a Washington apple to reach your local mega store.

We are making applesauce with all of it, yes, all of it. Kids love applesauce and so do we!! We make it tasty and simple then give it to our friends at Maplewood Richmond Heights so they can serve it straight up or make things like applesauce cake.

Apples simmering away with spices, citrus zest, sugar in one of our 50 gallons.

The crew peeling and coring apples.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Maplwood Richmond Heights Interns

Our summer interns were fortunate to work with John Wilkerson, president of the Missouri Organic Association. He tends to a portion of the property at Mueller Farm located in Ferguson, MO. The interns learned about organic and sustainable gardening practices and the rich history behind Mueller Farms.  Wilkerson grows several varieties of tomatoes and potatoes, as well as summer squash, cucumbers, beets, peas and beans.


Who says kids don't like vegetables?

Maplewood Farmer's Market