Friday, October 8, 2010

Tomatoes Galore!

Production has been in full swing this first week of October! From Mulberry Farms and Trover Farm in Illinois, we received 2000 lbs of tomatoes!! With this much fresh produce, we have to move quickly. About 300 lbs of marinara has been made so far, and there is plenty more to come.
So how do we do it? Well luckily there are no more skinning and seeding tomatoes. As you can see below, we just put whole tomatoes in the kettle. 

Here are the lovely and talented staff putting the tomatoes in the kettle

After a couple of hours, and some blending, the sauce has reduced enough to make a great marinara. After the sauce is cooled, it must be sous vide, or sealed in an vacuum sealed bag, to ensure a fresh, safe product for the Maplewood Richmond Height kiddies.
So what’s next you ask? More marinara, definitely some applesauce, baked apples, and other great fall treats!
Have you tried making your own marinara yet? No need for a steam kettle at home!