Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Tuesday had a little bit more planned than chopping carrots. We started off the same as Monday; getting the cutting boards, and knives set up for finishing off the carrots. It wasn't long before the full carrots had deminished. Next came shocking. Staci, and Alexis set up by the kettles, while Orlen and I drained the water from the carrots. One kettle was heated while the other was filled with ice. After Orlen and I got all the carrot slices in dry containers we brought them over to Staci and Alex for shocking.
First they would cook for a few minutes, and then they would be moved to the cold water to stop the cooking process. Orlen and I quickly took over shocking duty and Alexis and Staci began cryovacing them.

We finished off the day testing pizza again, we also brought out the lemon tarts that the group had yet to try. They were a success but the crust is going to need a different recipe.

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