Thursday, July 8, 2010


A week ago Thursday was another recipe testing day. Each of the three student workers that were there had 2 recipes to accomplish. The recipes were Humus, Chicken Tetrazine, Scalloped Potatoes, Thai Fried Rice, Baked Pasta with tomato sauce, and a Meat Sauce. I was in charge of making the Chicken Tetrazine and Baked Pasta, Staci had Thai Fried Rice, and the Meat Sauce, and Orlen had the Humus, and the Scalloped Potatoes. For the Chicken Tetrazine I had to cut the chicken into tiny bite sized peices. Then cook it with the cream sauce which added a rich flavor. I added the mushrooms into the skillet to cook with it. While I did this I made the noodles that would be mixed into the chicken and mushrooms to finish off the Tetrazine. Next was the baked pasta, I made the Ricotta sauce, and prepared the noodles. We didn't have any extra tomato sauce but Staci, and Chef Steve let us use some of their meat sauce (which was basically a tomato sauce with some italian sausage in it) to finish it off. Watching Staci make her Thai Fried Rice was neat. She had fried the rice around an egg then mixed it together. Next she added a mixture of vegetables, and finished it off with chili sauce. It was really spicy. Orlen had prepared the Humus (which I'm not quite sure how) but it was kind of a paste/dip that had more of an unique taste to it. He had also prepared scalloped potatoes by slicing the potatoes into thin round layers, and by baking them. When we were all done we cleaned up and tasted the finished products. Nothing was bad, though some of it needed a bit of salt, and Orlen didn't like the Humus. Overall it was another successful day.

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